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We want to invite you to the second edition of the GOOD VIBRATIONS TATTOO EXPO 2022 this coming April 29th, 30th and 1of May in Club 700, Örebro - Sweden.


We are proud to present 60 world class tattoo artist that will be tattooing during the weekend and enjoying our beautiful city of Örebro. These tattoo artists from all around the world stands out from the crowd with a high quality tattoos and professionalism so xheck the link of ARTISTS that are attending to the show.


Choose the one that fits with the style of the tattoo that you are dreaming, press his banner and you can contact the artist directly to make your appointment and get tattooed during the weekend in the GVTM Expo. Drop ins are always welcome by the tattoo artist during the weekend of the expo !!!


We want to keep our convention small (there is only 45 spaces) so we can give the artists and guests all our attention. Give the tattooers the chance to meet and socialize with other artists from all around the world in a cozy and friendly environment but also to be sure that all the artist will always have customers to tattoo. But this year and listening advices and opinions of our guests and friends from the first edition we will add some extra happenings like music, art fusion experience, art exhibitions and vendors alley. As you know the concept of the GVTM is to not have contest in the show. This because we do not agree with the fact of the tattoos can compete and decide which artist or tattoo is better than the other one. This is Art, not a game. Can you tell me if Salvador Dali is better artist than Van Gogh? Also we want our meeting to be a weekend to make tattoos and share good times, friendship, make new contacts and information between tattooers and tattoo enthusiasts. BUT !!! This year we will host a special recognition for the Tattoo / Artist that is the favorite of the audience and the artists. We will have this recognition for "The Artist Of Friday", "The Artist Of Saturday" and "The GOOD VIBRATION TATTOO ARTIST OF "2022" We will have some beautiful presents that the chosen ones can take to their tattoo studio. See you here !!! Good Vibrations Tattoo Meeting Crew

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